heat treatments


Ashot operates an in house comprehensive and cutting-edge heat treatment facility.

This capability is a vital link in the manufacturing process for the Aerospace, Defense and Automotive industries. A commitment to total quality coupled with international quality accreditations and customer approvals means that Ashot guarantees world-class standards.
The heat treatment facilities are NADCAP and ISO9001:2008 & AS9100:D approved.
Ashot is able to verify all results in its full-service, in-house metallurgical laboratory.

Ashot has recently been approved by the Israeli leading OEMs: IAI, Rafael, Elbit Systems and IMI Systems for the heat treatment capabilities.

Ashot offers a complete range of heat treatment capabilities:

  • Hardening and tempering
  • Carburizing and quenching
  • Nitriding & carbo nitriding
  • Vacuum tempering
  • Hardening – induction
  • Press quenching
  • Subzero cooling
  • Solution and aging treatment (aluminum)

For more details please contact:
Moshe Daniel
Tel: +972-8-6721529
E-mail: daniel.moshe@ashot.co.il