The wide range of machinery at Ashot enables the company to manufacture gears, gearboxes and transmissions, long and short shafts, tungsten products, and other mechanical and electromechanical systems. Ashot owns state of the art machines made by Pfauter- Gleason, Mazak, Studer, Cincinnati, WFL, Hitachi Seiki and TBT.

Ashot process all kinds of steel alloys, stainless steel, titanium, magnesium, nickel-based super-alloys and composite materials. Over 300 machining centers including: 5axis CNC milling center, turning, deep-hole drilling and boring, bottle boring, grinding, threads grinding, gear cutting including hobbing, skiving, shaping, broaching, grinding, and lapping.

The machining capabilities are:

Gear cutting: up to Module 16, Dmax = 900mm, Quality: AGMA 14

Machining: Up to D = 1m, L = 2m

Long shaft: Up to 2.0 m and 450 mm diameter