Final Drives


Ashot produces final drives for major leading battle tanks and APCs including: Merkava, M-1, M-60 and improved M-60, Centurion, M-9 and M-88 tanks, as well as M-109 and M-107 self-propelled guns. In addition, Ashot produces final drives for the M-113 Armored Personnel Carrier family and other varieties of APCs. Ashot also develops and produces its own M-48, M-60 family and Centurion tank final drive upgrade systems (upgraded solutions for various power pack combinations).

Ashot Ashkelon has full test capabilities of the products it develops and manufactures. Ashot has the facilities and equipment to perform back-to-back spin tests for final drives.


M-88 Recovery Vehicle – Final Drive
Ashot produces the M-88a1 final drive under contract to USG –TACOM – WARREN.
Ashot serves as a center of excellence for final drive design, development and manufacturing. The company is listed in the US-TACOM QSL for Suspension and Armored Vehicle Parts.