Penetrators and Fragmentation Parts


Ashot is a primary source for tungsten based heavy metal products for the Defense and Aerospace industries. Ashot designs and produces a wide variety of tungsten products in high-quality standards.

Ashot’s sintering and powder blending facilities are supported by state of the art systems, including a scanning electron microscope, specialized weighing equipment, ICP spectroscope, and other chemical analysis methods.

Ashot’s designed and approved alloys, such as:
Tungsten-nickel-iron, tungsten-nickel-copper, or tailor made alloys according to customer requirements. Ashot can produce an impressive variety of part shapes, sizes and weights.

Ashot’s tungsten product line includes:

  •  Armor piercing penetrators
  •  Fragmentation Parts
  •  Helicopter Rotor Bifilar damper
  •  Aircraft balance weights
  •  Gyro components
  •  Missile components
  •  Airborne antenna bases
  • Instrument and stabilization
  • Radiation shielding