Supplier Management

Supplier Management

Ashot recognizes the value of forming partnerships with innovative and competitive suppliers who can help us optimize production, lower costs and provide superior quality standards. We are also interested in suppliers who share our commitment to diversity and excellence in Environment, Health & Safety.

Ashot’s global suppliers are expected to comply with the following minimum expectations:

  • To provide safe working conditions; adhere to all laws and regulations; operate to minimize environmental impact; limit the use of natural resources; and communicate these expectations to their suppliers.
  • Ashot requests that critical suppliers complete an EH&S self-assessment. Any necessary corrective measures must be documented and implemented to fully comply with our requirements.
  • Critical suppliers are defined as those that provide 80 percent of specific materials, special processes and industrial products. Ashot works closely with suppliers, sharing best practices and helping them understand standards, particularly regarding workplace safety, water use, waste generation and air emissions.
  • Critical suppliers are being asked to conduct EH&S self-assessments and carefully document corrective actions.
  • We are significantly increasing our commitment to global outsourcing in addressing order backlogs and a multi-year growth pattern of approximately 20 percent over the next four years.
  • Contractor safety is among our highest priorities. We thoroughly inform all our suppliers of potential workplace hazards that are inherent in the type of work carried out in many of our industrial environments.


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